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 We will work with you the EASIEST way to get your Family Tree!

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to reach out to us NOW!  

Let us know if you prefer e-mail or phone contact

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Let's Begin one of the Most Significant Journeys You will ever take!  



SAVE 20%

Through SEPT 2023 ONLY!


That's Only $39!

(regular $49)


Read Below to Learn:



"FAMILY TREE SPECIALIST LLC Will Trace Your Family Tree at a

*Fraction of the Cost & Time*

of Doing it Yourself."


****​*5-STAR Rated

Genealogy Research Service.


Why Go with a Pro?

Family Tree research can be Confusing AND Expensive.

At Family Tree Specialist LLC  Sandra  will  alleviate  your  burden  by  doing  the  research  and 

reports  all

at  a  ~fraction  of the cost  and  time~  of doing it yourself.

Forget the subscriptions to the many expensive research sites and the agonizing hours of learning

how to use each one.

Call Sandra today and have an expert do it for you.

It’s easier and less expensive than you think.


So How Does it Work?

*It’s a lot Easier

(and Less Expensive)

than you may think!

1. Simply Call or email with your Family/Ancestors’ information.

2. Decide on the number of hours you would like your Family Researched.

3. An Invoice will be sent to your email address that can be paid by *any Major Credit Card, *PayPal, *VENMO, *ZELLE or *Check/Money Order.

4. Allow from 2 – 5+ weeks for turn-around.

**Call at any time for updates.

5. You will receive a Beautiful, Detailed Narrative Report in an e-booklet format along with Pedigree Charts.

What’s Included in my Report?

The lives of your Ancestors will be described to you with as much detail that can be found in the # of hours for which you have contracted.

*Birth Records

*Marriage Records

*Death Records



*News Articles


*Copies of all Certificates found and - YES -

even occasionally -

photographs of


their headstones,

their homes or farms

maps, etc.

I put 110% in to Your family as if it was my own.

***I want this to be a Success just as much as you do!***


I’m available to speak by phone 7-days a week, 10am-8pm EST.

This is my Passion and I’m happy to share it with you!

*Please read through the rest of this page, to the bottom, to read about Guarantee & Financial Assistance.

While we are updating our Intake Process, please call us or  email 

so we can gather your Family History.

If you email us you will receive an email back with the information we need to begin your Project.  

Simply reply with the requested information the best you can.  

We know you will not always have all of the answers and that is OK.  

We always work with less.  

What we request is the 'Best Case Scenario' and we don't expect that... 

Just put what you do know. 

Send an email to or 

USE ONE OF THE CONTACT FORMS (below) with the subject line: 



Your Family History exploration is just a short time away - 

Contact us NOW!



Simply CALL, EMAIL of use this CONTACT US FORM with the message, 


You will be sent an email outlining the information needed to begin.

It's EASIER than you think -

Just tell us what you know and we'll tell you the rest!


Email Address*





Here are the *4 EASY* Steps you need to follow to begin your               

  Family Tree Journey:


If you are not computer savvy, we will be happy to help you through telephone or email.  

You do not have to do this online.  

You can email or call and I will gladly walk you through.  

The instructions here are for those who are very familiar with the computer. 

 Our email address and phone number are listed many times throughout this site.  

We want you to contact us!


These directions may seem complicated but they are NOT

 Just view or print out the linked pages and look at them as you read the instructions. 

The instructions will become more clear.     

Be sure to read the FAQ Page  (link at bottom)  to learn the correct way to fill in Dates/Places, etc.  

And remember: ***We always work with LESS INFORMATION** than what you can fill out!           



4-EASY STEPS Directions:

1.  Click on the GREEN BUTTON below and  and the link will take you to a PEDIGREE CHART.  

You can fill it in, download & save it and email it back to us  ~  

 Or you can print it out blank, fill it out neatly by hand, and send it via e-mail/postal mail.  

[If you do not have use of a printer, contact us and  we will mail you the form.]

2. Fill the forms in the best you can. Remember: WE WILL ALWAYS WORK WITH LESS INFORMATION!

3. Submit them, along with payment. 

We accept 

*all Major Credit/Debit Cards, 




*Check/money order.             

Call or email for VENMO or ZELLE or business mail address information.

4. Wait to receive a wonderful Family Tree!


While this may seem complicated, it is NOT. 

 Just print/view the pages first, before reading the instructions, and only fill in what you know. 

 If you have difficulty, call us at (908) 414-1850  7 Days EST  10am - 8pm and we will walk you through it or take the needed information over the phone.  

We will do whatever it takes to get you your Family Tree!

Click Here to Get a Pedigree Chart:

Once you have it printed out or viewed it, follow the instructions below.

 It's best to print it out or view BEFORE reading the instructions. The instructions will seem more clear.


Our Regularly Hourly Rate is $47.  Currently we are offering  a ~SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT, ~ making 

our Rate just $35 per Hour.   

(NOTE:  Financial Assistance is Available - See Bottom of HOME Page.)

Pay Here

After you have the Pedigree Chart filled out, print out/ fill out the necessary number of Family Group Records. - SEE BELOW- (An FGR lists the parents in a family, along with their children). Again, only fill in what you can and if you make a guess, mark it as so with a "G". The form looks daunting with what it is requesting, but you only need to fill in what you know.                  

We will always work with less.

Click Here to Get a Family Group Record:

Once you have viewed it or printed it out, follow these instructions:  

(click below to see "SAMPLE OF A FILLED IN FGR)

  • You only need to fill out the Family Group Records for the main people you want searched.                                                     For example, if we are searching your paternal grandfather, if possible fill out a chart for him with

  • him listed as the husband, along with his wife and children.                                                                                                                                                                                  Then, again, if possible, make one out with him listed as the child.

  • And go back as far as you can. In most cases you will only be able to go back one or two generations and that’s OK.                                                                                              

  • When you can, be sure to include  *NICKNAMES, *MAIDEN NAMES, *TOWNS/Cities with COUNTIES & **SIBLINGS**of your direct ancestor - even if your Great Grandmother had 6 siblings but you only know 2 of their names, that's great and a big help, Include ANYTHING that may be helpful! 

  • After you have filled out the FGR, Save it, Name it with YOUR Last Name - Your Ancestor's Last Name - Date you are submitting it (e.g. If I am submitting MY paper for MY great grandfather Robert KITCHELL,

  • on July 14th, 2019.  I would name my file  "Ashton-Kitchell-14Jul2019") and email it back to me. OR,

  • if you choose, you can print it out and mail it in.  If you experience any difficulty, please call us at

  • (908) 414-1850 10am-8pm EST, 7 days.   

  • Please be certain that you always include your Full Name, Phone # and Email address in all

  • correspondence.


Notice there are many blanks and some "G"uesses.  This is fine.

After you have the Pedigree Chart and Family Group Records filled in,

decide for how much time you would like to contract   ($49 Per Hour/or See Current Specials  on Home Page)


 [Most Clients choose 8-15 hours, and if there are any unused hours, you are reimbursed for them.  If  there is  more time needed  the you will be contacted and asked if you would like to add another couple of hours.  It is ALWAYS up to

the client to decide if they wish to pursue further.] 


(((***** PLEASE NOTE:  READ MY *BLOG*  PAGE and   ABOUT  ME  Page and you will find the reasons why I

do this so inexpensively. 


 I'm NOT   about   making a huge profit from people who have a BURNING DESIRE to know their Ancestry.  

YOU ARE MY PEOPLE - I want to help as many Like-Minded People as I can.)))


Send the forms (email or Postal mail) Payment (Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Check or money



If paying by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, use 


 or Contact Us to have an invoice emailed to you.


If paying by VENMO use Sandra-Ashton-2

or ZELE,   908-414-1850


If sending Check/Money Order, make it payable to "Family Tree Specialist LLC" and mail to:


Sandra Ashton

Family Tree Specialist

10-d Riverview Terrace

Winfield Park, NJ  07036


email / if you have questions on our payment options or to discuss

                                             financial assistance.

Be sure to include a phone number!

phone: (908) 414-1850 10 am-8 pm EST 7 -days


 If after 2 hours of searching I cannot find any information, the balance of your payment will be refunded.


While this seems complicated, it is NOT. The forms are easy to fill in once you have them printed out or

looked them over.

Only fill in what you know. I can always work with less information!  

Email or call for assistance.





While I have had very many great successes, there is never a guarantee that your particular

ancestors can be found. Census takers sometimes missed people, courthouses were burned, and in

some areas, records were just not kept. I will do my best to find out what I can about your Family

Tree. However, research into your Tree is based on hours worked and payment is due regardless.

You will find my rates extremely reasonable at just $47 per hour!  (SEE SPECIAL ON HOME PAGE) 


When a "Brick-wall" is hit, I recommend rather than stopping at it, to go around it! By following

both paternal and maternal lines  I have gotten back to ~1300's with some very colorful stories.


Please keep in mind:


Census takers missed people, misheard people and were just not thorough. This can present

some challenges.

Ancestors could also prove difficult - In one census they may have used their given name, and in

the next one used a nickname or a different spelling.  


 I cannot guarantee you that I will be able to provide you with a perfect pedigree chart or with

dozens of ancestors, but I *CAN guarantee*you that I will put my whole heart into YOUR Family

so YOU can have the same feeling I get when I discover something about my Heritage. 

I want this to be successful as much as you do. Genealogy is my Joy!  (continue reading below)

Helpful TIPS

Remember to fill in the places as completely as possible,

listing the city,  county  and  state   IF YOU KNOW IT.

With women always list their full names, including               MAIDEN.

If you know someone went by a 


 that is very important to include.

If you know your ancestors' Occupations, include it.

If they lived in another state, even for just a short time, include it.

If there was more than 1 marriage, include it.

Include any and all helpful information.  The more information I have, the more likely I will be successful.

Use an extra page to let me know of additional information that does not fit on the forms.

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

From Where Do YOUR Eyes Come?

She Went From Riches to Rags.

How Did YOUR Ancestors Do? Let Me Tell You!

Affordable Family Trees-

Family History & Ancestry Research 

Success Story -

  (more on REVIEW  page - click here) 

* Between the time of my dad's passing in 1982 and then my mom in 2015 I was not really interested in family tree stuff. Now at age 66 I became interested, but had no one to ask. 

I didn't know much, but I found Sandra by searching google. 


I was discouraged when I saw the prices of some of the other genealogist services and when I saw Sandra's prices I was a bit hesitant, not sure I would get good service. 


 I was so wrong.  It worked out great!


  I only knew that my dad died in the early 80's and I knew his parent's names. That was it.


I was stunned with what Sandra was able to find with just that little bit of information. 


I thought I was all Irish, but Sandra found that we were also Scott and English showing me the ship records and all of when my ancestors came to America in the mid 1800's. 


She gave me many print-outs of the records and even put some parts in 'story form' so I could understand it better. 


I really appreciated her going above and beyond


My family fought in the Civil War. She gave me copies of their pension applications - how cool.


Sandra is the way to go!   Michael M.

This is one of the most exciting journeys you will ever take! Finding out who makes up YOU is a one-of-a-kind thrill. 

 I’m happy to help you on your way -   

Don't  Delay - Contact  Us Today!


Please contact us with any questions or concerns:


Use CONTACT US Form below

(908) 414-1850,  7 days 10 am-8 pm EST


Email Address*




"My father's sister started tracing our Family Tree a couple of years ago. She could not believe how expensive

it was and how much of her time it was taking. She abandoned the project after about 9 months - then we

contacted you. I can't believe how quick you found the information. We very much appreciate your efforts

and the fact that we now go back 6 generationson my paternal grandmother. Thanks for the documentation

too. Even though it's hard to read, I appreciate having it. Your work was great and I am happy to write this

testimonial for you." A.S. Linden, NJ


* Most pictures on these pages are from my own personal Family Tree. 

C o n t a c t   U s

If you feel you are ready to Get Started or if you have more questions, I'd love to hear from You! 

 Fill in your contact information and I will get back to you asap (usually less than 48 hours). 

 Please let me know how you want to be contacted back. If other than email, leave your phone number with Area Code, TIME ZONE and best times to call you.

***It's Time! Let's Begin!


Email Address*


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