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So How Does it Work?


*It’s a lot Easier (and **Less ** Expensive) than you may think!


1. Simply Call or email with your Family/Ancestors’ information.

2. Decide on the number of hours you would like your Family Researched.

3. An Invoice will be sent to your email address that can be paid by *Any Major Credit Card, *PayPal, *VENMO, *ZELLE or *Check/Money Order.

4. Allow from 2 – 5+ weeks for turn-around.

**Call at any time for updates.

5. You will receive a Beautiful, Detailed Narrative Report in an e-booklet format along with Pedigree Charts.




What’s Included in my Report?


The lives of your Ancestors will be described to you - with as much detail that can be found - in the # of hours

for which you have contracted.


*Birth Records

*Marriage Records

*Death Records



*News Articles



*Copies of all Certificates found and - even occasionally - photographs of ancestors, their headstones, their homes or farms, etc.


I put 110% in to Your family as if it was my own.

I want this to be a Success just as much as you do!


I’m available to speak by phone 7-days a week, 10am-8pm EST.

This is my Passion and I’m happy to share it with you!


*Please read through the rest of this page, to the bottom, to read about Guarantee & Financial Assistance.

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Who is Sandra?

Why should I hire her?

What will I receive?

How do I begin?

Sandra Ashton, Professional Genealogist with more than 30+ years of experience, is ready to help YOU discover your Ancestry and unravel your Heritage.

The team at Family Tree Specialist has researched thousands of families over the past 3 decades.

Beautiful, Detailed Narrative e-Booklets are provided for each family - reports that make it easy to understand the lives of your ancestors.

You will not just receive charts with Names, Dates and Places - No, - you will receive a Narrative Report describing everything that can be ascertained from the records found during our extensive & thorough research.


 In addition to 30 years of experience, Sandra has taken many courses in Genealogy and has a Professional Genealogist Certificate from IAPCC. She was also fortunate enough to work for several years at the World Renowned Repository of Genealogy - 


the Family History Center in Salt Lake City Utah.


Sandra is well-noted for her ENTHUSIASM - making every client's Family Tree Project as important as her own. 

She is consistently reviewed by her clients as being, "Just as Excited as They are" while working on their case.


Sandra is open to sharing her Spiritual Beliefs about Genealogy and its importance. She would love to speak about

this with you today. Call her NOW - (908) 414-1850 EST, 7- days.


REMEMBER: Our Loved Ones only truly die when we stop thinking, talking about, or remembering them.

You don't have to be a wealthy celebrity to get a




At Family Tree Specialist Sandra will dive deep

into the details to get you the information you want on your ancestors.


You are not just going to receive the Names/Dates & Locations of your ancestors -


NO -


You are going to get every detail that can be gleaned from our thorough research!


I know my Great Grandfather, Frank, was born in Union County.  And I know he died there in 1964.


But after researching and exploring his life's story through the documents, I learned:


He was a Machinist in his early years, then became a Taxi Driver.


He had an 8th Grade Education which I know is

for that time period.


He was living as a child in the Tavern owned by his grandfather, then lived in a house in a neighboring

town until he married.... 


Then he and his wife moved into the Tavern and had their first 3 children while living there.


I never met him and have only seen a couple of

pictures from when he was old - but I know as a

young man he was tall, slender and had brown hair

and brown eyes.


I know he died a widower at age 68 of pneumonia.


My great grandmother, his wife, died 14 years before him and he lived with his youngest daughter and her family.


That's so much more fulfilling then:




If this is the kind of detail you want in your Family History Project, call us NOW and LET'S GET



Take Advantage of our current Discounted Rate!


The Stories of Your Ancestors Await you!



Cheap Genealogist
Inexpensive Genealogist


to get a Pro Tree!

how to hire a genealogist


I make the claim that hiring FTS to research your

Family Tree is LESS expensive than doing it yourself.


Subscriptions to the many Ancestry Research sites

are very expensive.  Subscribing to one would never

be sufficient to get the Remarkable Family Tree of which you've dreaming.


You could easily spend well over $1,500 in

subscription fees - AND THEN - to consider

the value of your time.


Each research site has its own confusing search features and it would take a very long time to

become proficient at each...All time you are

paying for!


What else could you be doing in the time you are struggling in the search for your ancestors?


Yes, there are big-name companies that will do the research for you, but they average about $1,500-$3,000.  

That's about 10X greater than what it would cost to

hire FTS! 


At FTS we often run Specials so nearly anyone can afford a PROFESSIONAL FAMILY TREE.  And we give additional discounts to Seniors, Military, First Responders and more.   All you have to do is ask!


We want everyone to feel the JOY that comes from knowing their Ancestry.  We will try to work within



You don't have to be rich to ... get a

 Professional Family Tree!




“It was like having a




” *5-STAR Review from client Donita R. of

 ~Professional Genealogist~ 



Here’s what Donita R. from Michigan had to say about the service she received from Sandra at FTS:


~“It was like having a PBS HENRY GATES EXPERIENCE -- Finding Your Roots!


“”I wasn’t expecting more than the names of my ancestors

and their dates of birth and death…maybe a tidbit of information here and there.


~What I got blew my mind!


~Sandra found out so much detail and gave me so many documents (birth records and certificates, marriage

licenses, death certificates, military papers, etc.…. and -


~BEST OF ALL – she provided me with a photograph of my Great Grandfather that I had never seen before!


~She gave me newspaper articles on my family, an advertisement from the store my ancestor owned, many obituaries and photographs of headstones and churches related to my family.


~ I literally cried when I read it. I TRULY feel like I KNOW

these people.


~The detail was unimaginable.


~Do NOT HESITATE to take Sandra up on any Special.


~You will NOT regret getting this done.


~I am so grateful and so are my children.


~I’m getting my husband’s done as a Birthday Gift!


Donita R. Detroit, Michigan



***If YOU would like a *5-STAR

Family History/Ancestry Experience,


go to


or call (908) 414-1850 EST


RIGHT NOW and take advantage of the

***LIMITED-TIME Special Discount of


*25% off our regular rate.*


$39 per hour (reg. $49)



We’ll help with Finding your Roots! 🌳

FTS provides clients with much more than names and dates.

We provide


*Detailed, Narrative e-Booklets

that describe the lives of your ancestors

- with as much detail that can be found –

in the number of hours for which you have contracted.


Everything found during the

*thorough and exhaustive research*

is included in your Project –




*Military, and

*Death records,

as well as


*News articles,

*Town and County Histories,

and yes –

even occasionally –

**Photographs of Ancestors,

*Their Homes or Farms

*Their Headstones

*Their Churches etc.


We strive to make your ancestors

~come alive~

so you can get a sense of their place and role in the world.


This is a

“Get-to-Know your Ancestor” experience!


~Some past clients have compared their Projects to a

“Henry Gates Jr – Finding Your Roots” experience. 🌳


Sandra is a Proud Member of APGEN

(Association of Professional Genealogists)

& holds a~ Professional Genealogist Certificate~ from IAPCC.


She has over

~30 years of experience~

and has had the opportunity to work at the most world-renowned Genealogy Repository – the

Family History Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

She has also authored two Family History books.


We run Specials frequently and the number of hours you choose is always up to the client.


Unlike the big-name companies that charge well over


to start –

AND take many months (to even a year) to complete,

we charge the most

reasonable rate


 and work hard to have your Project completed in just weeks.


We keep our rates affordable so nearly anyone can obtain their dream of getting a

~Professionally Researched

Family Tree – Ancestry Report e-Booklet.


We have all 5-Star Reviews on GOOGLE, Facebook, Yelp and many Success Stories on our website.

Sandra’s Projects are frequently noted for




Your Family History e-Booklet can be printed and bound so you can leisurely enjoy reading it curled up on your favorite chair. 📖

~You can print off as many copies as you desire –

They make excellent gifts 🎁 for





*Holidays, or

*“Just-Because” days.


-They are especially cost-effective at the Holidays –

~you pay for the research just once, and it can be given to many family members.

~The book is a Most Thoughtful Gift, 🎁 as it gives



*Peace and Closure.

~It is timeless and will surely be treasured!




Countless fantastic and interesting stories have been discovered.

~One client’s 3X Great Grandfather received a Pardon from Abraham Lincoln!

~Others have found that they were

~Mayflower Descendants~ or had

descended from 

~ Civil War and American Revolution heroes~.

~Others learn they came from ~humble farmers or blacksmiths~, etc.


~~How will you know unless you take the leap and get your Project started.

~~It's easier

(and~ much LESS EXPENSIVE~ than you think). ➖💲


Just tell us what you know and we’ll tell you the rest!



Sandra has researched well over 1,000 families in the past 3 decades.


~~Let’s add your family to that long list!


~~The sooner you begin your Project, the sooner you will have

the answers you seek

and the peace of knowing

who it is that makes you up!


There is a

*LIMITED-TIME* DISCOUNT on our Website – ➖💲




Simply Henry...

“6 Things about Family History Genealogy Research that

DRIVE ME BONKERS!” [#6 is a Doozey!]



1. Your Ancestor spelled his last name differently in different censuses!

Why did my 2X Great Grandfather spell KICHAS as KITCHES at different times?!

Maybe he was a psychic Prankster who knew it would drive me nuts 100 years in the future!

2. Records that record only the first initial instead of a full first name.

It’s happened to me many times and I wonder why it was done. When I was first starting out many years ago, my 3X Great Grandfather listed for his wife as “P. Voorhis” in the Census.

In the next census his wife was “M. Voorhis.” I came to learn that “P” was for Polly and the “M” for Mary (which are practically interchangeable)

3. SLOPPY Handwriting by the person recording.

For occupation I had one ancestor listed as either a SAWYER or a LAWYER.

I located a photograph of him, seated behind a large, intricately carved desk and huge bookshelf. That made up my mind – He wasn’t a Sawyer!

4. Ancestors who thought it was just fine to start using their Middle Name as their First given name.

Back to my tricky Voorhis family – I knew from my Great Grandmother’s Bible that her father’s name was James Voorhis… and that HIS father was James Voorhis and HIS father 

(yep, you guessed it) 

was also named James Voorhis.

But I could not find these 3 James’ in the area I knew they were in. Being inexperienced, it took me many years to find that each of these men went solely by their Middle Names!

Even in death, on James Henry Voorhis’ grave, it simply reads, “Henry Voorhis.” [see pic]

5. Getting conflicting information from family members that does not match the recorded version of events.

My Grandmother told me she married in 1939 and my first uncle was born in 1940.

Then why in the 1940 US Federal Census is my grandfather listed as Single and living at home with his parents and siblings?

6. Finding out the Event Did Not Take Place after you spent decades looking for a record of it!

When I first started my Genealogy in 1979 it was because I found my Great Grandmother’s Bible in an old cedar chest in my grandmother’s attic.

My great grandmother was spoken about with such reverence I just knew she was a Saintly Woman.

When I began the search for her Marriage Record, I could find none. I went through every possible scenario for YEARS.

 I even worked for a while at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and if I couldn’t find there – THEN WHERE?!

My grandmother (her daughter) sensing my desperate frustration finally revealed this fact to me:

Although my Great Grandparents were together for more than 40 years and had 11 children, they ‘Never Quite Made it to the Justice of the Peace” and just lived together as husband and wife through all of those years.

 No matter how hard I looked NO MARRIAGE RECORD WOULD BE FOUND!

It was actually a relief! 

 I think nothing less of my Great Grandmother. Marriage Record or not, she still holds the Saintly Woman position in my opinion.


Comment on the 


 and you will receive a 

FREE TOTE-BAG (while supplies last)


And if you are looking for a Professional Genealogist to

research your


Look No Further!

For the most affordable rate, Family Tree Specialist, Sandra Ashton, will do the research and create for you a



Narrative e-Booklet that will describe the lives of your ancestors with as much information that can be found during our

thorough and Exhaustive research.


It’s Easier & Much Less Expensive than you think:

*You chose the # of hours you would like your family researched.

*We do the hard work!

*You receive a Beautiful e-Booklet.

We are running a VERY Limited Time Discount – SAVE 25%!

$35 hour (reg. $47)


Help Me Find My Family


Growing up in a Multi-Generational African American household my Great Aunts & my Grandmother always filled my head with stories that I often wondered were based in Fact or just something they wanted (me/them) to believe.

One was that my 2X Great Uncle was the 1st Black Man to own a barber shop in his county in the 1930’s & 40’s.

 I wondered if that could be true – a black man owning his own shop at that time period?

Well, Sandra put that issue to rest with showing me that he did indeed own his Barber shop. It really created a sense of pride in me.

Sandra provided a lot of detail that let me imagine the story of my forefathers. She followed so many branches and got me so many stories. 

I was quite surprised at how much she was able to find and put together in a limited # of hours.

I didn’t have much information to go on but it was a very successful project.

Working with Sandra was a very pleasant experience. She was very friendly and very interested in my family.

I definitely got my money’s worth – and much more! Her pricing is beyond amazing and her dedication really shines through!

I would Jump on the offer she has.



Using Military Records in Genealogy Research


Military records can provide valuable information for genealogy research. These records can often provide information on the veteran as well as on all members of the family.

Some types of military records that can be useful for genealogy research include compiled service records, pension applications and pension payment records, and bounty land records.

Compiled service records consist of an envelope containing card abstracts taken from muster rolls, returns, pay vouchers, and other records. They can provide information such as your ancestor’s rank, unit, date mustered in and mustered out, basic biographical information, medical information, and military information.

Pension application files usually provide the most genealogical information. These files often contain supporting documents such as narratives of events during service, marriage certificates, birth records, death certificates, pages from family Bibles, family letters, depositions of witnesses, affidavits, discharge papers and other supporting papers .

Bounty land warrant application files relate to claims based on wartime service between 1775 and March 3, 1855. If your ancestor served in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, early Indian Wars or the Mexican War, a search of these records may be worthwhile. Bounty land records often contain documents similar to those in pension files with lots of genealogical information.

*ANOTHER* Satisfied Client!

From Lisa F., Pennsylvania --

“”100%+ SATISFIED!

Sandra did a fantastic job researching my husband's family history!

~She did so much more than just complete his family tree.

~ Included in my e-book were


*newspaper clippings,

*draft cards,

*census reports,

*birth and

*death certificates, etc.

~ Sandra painted a picture of the lives of ancestors, whenever possible, rather than just dates of birth and death.

~ She was reasonably priced and responded quickly to my questions and concerns while researching.

~The best part was that entire project was finished in a matter of weeks!

~I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone interested in learning about his/her family history!



***If YOU would like a *5-STAR Family Tree Research & Report Project, Reach out TODAY!  

Call, email or use the CONTACT US Form at the top of the page and we'll get YOUR project started RIGHT NOW!


Rudolph Fox 6X


James Henry Voorhis 3X


Cole Cemetery

Towanda 1993


These are just ‘some’ of the trips I’ve taken over the past decades to ~~ Honor my Ancestors. ~~

When I am there, I am on

“Sacred and Hallowed Ground.”

I am ***Walking Where My Ancestors Walked.***

100 , maybe 200+ Years Before the Family Members                     [**MY** FAMILY MEMBERS]

stood on that


as they bid good-bye to their Mother, Father, Child, etc.

What did they look like?

How did they Act?

[were they wailing or were the stoic?]

What were they thinking [How will I get along without him/her/ ?]

I want to Know EVERYTHING ~

Who designed the headstone?

Why does it say,


on the stone of 3x Great Grandfather, William Jennings?

Does ANYONE ELSE ever come to visit?

6X Great Grandfather - Rudolph Fox - died in 1806 when he fell through the Ice while Fishing.

Over 200+ Years have passed. It is nearly a 4 hour ride for me to go and honor him.

Who, if anyone, has been to his grave in the last 100 years?

I feel tremendous ~~PEACE~~~ when I am there.


They are waiting for Us on the Other Side to Greet Us,


That Day I Walk Where my Ancestors Walked.

My Footsteps trace theirs.

Until I meet them on the Other Side, this is as close as I will come to meeting them….

~~~And it is Glorious!~~~


For more of my thoughts read More Posts.

If you've read this far:



and Tell me Which BLOG POST you found

***most significant or enjoyable *** and

you will Receive a Lovely



[First 5 People Only –

BEFORE June 15th  2022]

To Reach us for Family Trees call

(908) 414-1850 10am-8pm EST

We will help you with your family search! 

 We will help you find your heritage. 

 We will help you learn where YOU can go to Honor YOUR ANCESTORS!

 Get YOUR Ancestry Questions answered by calling NOW!


Catherine Holding Mary


Your OLDER Family Members Are a LIVING LIBRARY!

My Great Aunt Joan just turned 90. She is my Grandmother’s Youngest Sister.

My Grandmother died before I could ask her so many things, but from Joan I learned what my Great-Great Grandmother (Joan’s Grandmother – Catherine B**** (1861-1949) was like.

I learned that she was an amazing cook and that her best dish was pork with cabbage. She was a hard worker, raising her family and helping on the Farm. She LOVED her Grandchildren.

Shown Here is my 2X Great Grandmother, Catherine holding Joan’s sister, Mary Theresa, as an Infant. She helped her daughter, Elizabeth out (Joan’s Mother) as much as she could.

If you are FORTUNATE to have such a LIVING LIBRARY as I have Great Aunt Joan - Call that person TODAY (Seriously – TODAY!).

Tell them you want to interview them. Most would be flattered and love to help. Who doesn’t want to talk about themselves for an hour or two??

It would be very helpful to send them the Questions you will be asking in advance – so they can get their thoughts together. You can mail/email/ or read them the questions over the phone. You can conduct the interview over the phone, but in person is preferable.

If you do go in person, take a LOT of pictures! Ask in advance for them to bring out any old photos, documents, etc. Then YOU can take pictures of them.

Maybe this relative will sense your devotion to your Family’s History and GIVE you some of these Precious Items. A the least Maybe he/she will let you borrow them to scan them. THIS HAPPENED TO ME – AND IN MY NEXT BLOG I WILL TELL YOU THE WONDROUS STORY OF “***THE*** PICTURE – QUEST OF A LIFETIME = SOLVED!

There are many facets to working on your Genealogy. This is a very important one. It is Time-Sensitive - to get your Ancestry questions answered... to have someone who who will help you, "Find my Past, Find My Heritage." It is a Family Search like none other.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Call your Living Library right now. Tomorrow - Next Week, may be to late. Especially with the Pandemic. Do it NOW. You won't regret it!

If you are looking for Assistance with YOUR Family Tree; If you find Yourself wondering - Who will Help me with my Heritage and Find My past, we can help you with your Ancestry questions.

Use the "CONTACT FORM" above or CALL NOW -**


A “FAMILY” for the “FAMILY TREE” ~

Where’s YOURS?

What do You Know About YOUR FAMILY?

Your Great Grandparents?

THEIR Great Grandparents?

And further back?

From which Country did the come? And When? And maybe even, “WHY?”

Get YOUR HERITAGE Questions Answered.

We will conduct your Family search.

Ancestry Questions Answered –

Family Trees ~ It’s All We Do!

30+ Years’ Experience & Education in Genealogy

Author of 2 Family History Books

Affordable Professional Genealogist

Sandra Ashton

IAPCC - Genealogy

Kean University – Education & Psychology

Reach out NOW -

Use the CONTACT US Form Above or call (908) 414-1850 10am-8pm EST.

I want to help you with your FAMILY TREE TRIUMPH.

I want to provide you with GENEALOGY JOY!



THE Bible

of Emma

My 3X Great Grandfather

William Jennings

The Birth of a Genealogist

It was these very pages from my Great-Grandmother's Bible - Emma Corlena Voorhis Jennings, (1889-1964) Bradford County, Pennsylvania... that started my unquenchable thirst for the *Knowledge of My Ancestors.*

After finding Emma's Bible in my Grandmother's cedar chest in the dusty old attic I became obsessed with Family History. I was a child of 12 years old.

I would beg my Grandmother to tell me EVERYTHING she could about "William Jennings 1821-1872" - and everyone else written under him.

Soon I began to write every detail. With my 1st job at age 16 I did not spend my salary on clothes and shoes as a typical teen girl. NO, I was spending my money to order *Death Certificates* and the like.

By my early 20's, as I was moving into my own home as a new bride, I had BINDERS and MILK CRATES filled with Genealogical Treasures.

Now in my 50's (while much is on the computer) I have FILING CABINETS, bursting with the *Stories of My Ancestors.*

If ***YOU*** have that Burning Desire, I want to help YOU!

Lets Start the JOURNEY and Begin to Fill ***YOUR BINDERS!*** Contact Me Now for AFFORDABLE ANCESTRY RESEARCH -


Let me help you with finding your heritage and your ancestry answers!

(oh, btw, William Jennings was a Tailor in Mehoopany, Wyoming County, PA. He also owned a Hotel for a number of years prior to his death).


***SUCCESS STORY -     ***Kawaan’s Story****

I’m  African American  and I ’’ hesitated researching my Family Tree’’ because I just didn’t think I’d find much

(think slavery and the poor way blacks were treated even after the Civil War).

I looked into a couple of Genealogist but they literally wanted

***between $1,000 - $2,500*** to START!

and that was something I just could not afford.

And one of them told me that after I gave her the information NOT to contact her back until 1 month?? That’s not how I would have wanted to work. I would want to be a part of it.

I say Sandra was a


because right after I spoke to that Genealogist I started plugging away at it again and Sandra’s site popped up.

It was wordy, but I liked the words I read:

“This is a Journey We Will Take Together,”

And then the price!

I was sold and called her.

We took the ‘journey’ together, and despite my ancestors being slaves, --

Sandra got my family back to 1795 --

(to the slave - owner that impregnated my many-times Great Grandmother).

******** She figured out some pretty tricky situations*****

and she gave me a

***32-page report with records and stories.

It was all written out – easy to grasp.

There were obituaries, pictures of gravestones I’d otherwise never have been able to see, even an article on my 2nd great uncle being killed by getting run over by a bus in Chicago.

I can’t count the times we talked on the phone through-out the making of my tree.

I wanted the Good/The Bad/ and the Ugly that came up with the slavery issue.

She gave it all to me.

It turned out that some of my Own Ancestors were slave owners.

While it was upsetting to learn, it’s a part of who I am.

The $money I spent on Sandra was **WELL WORTH IT – MANY TIMES OVER.***

I have 3 kids under the age of 7 and I can’t wait for them to be able to understand this so I can share it.

If you’re “ON THE FENCE” about hiring Sandra - get down & Call her!


My Family

My Family of Long Ago



Everyday I get calls of people asking, "Can you help me find my Heritage?"    They must know their Ancestry...

And I can totally relate to that.

Yesterday a gentleman called my office because he wanted me to Research his mother's side of the family. He told me that it was not just a 'curiosity for her -- 

That it was a Burning and Passionate NEED. She NEEDS to know her Family History.

When Family History is Center to your goals, you might get carried away and buy subscriptions to a bunch of Research sites You may begin to spend many hours a day on your computer conducting family searches, not even sure you have the right people,

OR - Even Worse - you might start taking wrong hints and adding them to your tree.


just one Wrong Link and it can have a disastrous result -

 resulting in you having delete what you thought was correct, and now start that branch over.

This can set you back weeks - months - longer - and the more time you have to Pay $$$ to stay with the site.

If you have a real, serious need to know your Heritage, you may want to consider the service of a Professional Genealogist -

someone (hopefully) who comes with years (decades) of experience AND Education in Genealogic Studies...

Someone whose Passion RIVALS or even EXCEEDS yours!

Someone who has excellent reviews, and someone who is willing to take the time to listen to you - hear your goals and is eager to jump on the ship and set sailing!

Now I'm not saying that you have to go with me - but you should definitely be looking for someone with the same qualities. Even though my rates are about the lowest you will find out in the Professional Genealogist world, it is an investment and you must feel comfortable with whom you choose.

So read reviews, interview, question, read up on, and get to know your Genealogist. This is a Very Important Endeavor for most, so you want to get it right.

Next to my current Family, my ancestry is the most important thing to me. If you are feeling the same, reach out to me and we can start to discuss YOUR goals - What it is YOU MUST Know!

National “TELEPHONE DAY!” - 

 You Know the Game -- A Message is whispered into the 1st Person’s ear and by the time it gets to the End Person ---- the Message is NOT the Same!

What ~~FAMILY HISTORY/Ancestry~~ Stories has this happened to in YOUR FAMILY?

How much of What we Believe about our Families is NOT ACCURATE???

My Mother’s Maiden Name is Carter -- So we were told we were related to President Jimmy Carter…. Decades of Research Disproved this Myth.

On my Great Grandmother’s Death Certificate it lists her Parents to be the GRANDPARENTS of her Husband!

My Great Uncle, in his grief while filling out the Certificate gave the names which he had heard spoken while growing up. What a Genealogy NIGHTMARE this would have been if I hadn’t had 1st Hand Knowledge!.

You must use Great Care in deciding what to accept into YOUR FAMILY TREE!

EVALUATE the Data ~

Does it Make Sense?

Who Provided the Information?

As a Professional Genealogist I get phone calls every day from Genealogy Enthusiast who were TOO Enthusiastic and Added Everything to their Tree ~~

And I am Tasked to Fix Them!

Save Yourself Time & Money and take care of what you accept in to your Tree…

If you feel you’ve already made a Mess of Your Tree -- Reach out to Me and we can begin to Rectify the Situation!


Tracy T.


Tracy's Great Grandfather

Sandra's  Latest  *5-STAR GOOGLE  Review

April 2022

by Tracy Tsikis

Sandra did an excellent job tracing our family tree.

 I learned so much about my family and was surprised of all the detail she provided . She was very easy to work with and 

her pricing was amazing.

 I definitely recommend using her service to anyone who is looking for a family tree.

I am getting one for my mother for Mother’s Day! ~


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Walter & Joseph

Only 1 Survived

As ~MOTHER’S DAY~ Approaches I think of the Women in My FAMILY TREE and what I know about their Mothering.

The most Significant Story I know of is of my Paternal Great Grandmother, Elzbieta Kichute.

She came from Eastern Europe in 1907. She married my Great Grandfather, Jurgis, back home in 1904 at age 16.

 He left to start life in Wilkes Barre, PA and would send for her as soon as things were settled.

She joined him in January 1907. Not long after Walter was born – then came Joseph.

But not knowing my Great Grandfather that well – things turned badly soon. It turned out Jurgis had a severe drinking problem.

Enter the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. My grandfather is born to Elzbieta and Jurgis in February. The 1st week of November Jurgis comes home Drunk Again. Elzbieta locks him out on a cold night.

He is weakened, contracts the 1918 Flu and is dead by November 7th.

Elzbieta, a Widow with 3 young boys, does not speak English and has no real way to support herself and her sons.

She begins to take in the neighbor’s Laundry and gets a job as a Hotel Servant.

Things start to look up a bit in 1922 when she remarries Pijus. They have twin sons. But they are still very poor and, as my grandfather related to me, that one of the twins developed pneumonia because the house was always so cold.

The baby succumbed shortly after this picture was taken. Pijus died just a few years later.

Elzbieta gave up her life in her homeland, hoping for a great life in America – she gave up her family, everything she knew. And it turned out tragically.

She was grief stricken the rest of her life. She died at age 58 in 1946.

I live nearly 3 hours drive from her resting place, but I try to visit her at least twice a year. I stand at her grave and ponder the strong woman she was – KNOWING that one day I will meet her… and she will be waiting for me – with Open Arms – Knowing She has been Remembered all of these years.

Our ancestors only Truly Die when we no longer speak of them or think of them.                                                                                      I keep as many Ancestors of mine alive by keeping my FAMILY TREE.

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Honoring  YOUR  Ancestor.

If you have that Special Ancestor who 'touches' your Heart, send their photo along with a brief bio and it can be featured on this Blog.

Here we Go!

# 1  From Kevin C. Williams


"This is my Paternal great grandfather Garfield Williams Sr, and his grandson Keith. 

My great grandfather was born September 19, 1888 in Pasquotank County, NC, and died April 16, 1967 in Chesapeake, VA.

 Garfield Sr. was married to Lou Carter, the father of seven children, six girls, and one boy. He was a tobacco farmer, and a delivery man for Birchard Dairy Company.

 This picture was taken June 5, 1960 in South Norfolk, Virginia."

Thanks to Kevin for Sharing!

If you'd like to honor an ancestor, send their photo and bio to


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