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left by Donita R. Detroit, Michigan


“It was like having a





What I got blew my mind -




~You will NOT regret getting this done..."

Like Finding your Roots PBS

     Sandra Ashton, Professional Genealogist with more than 35+ years of experience, is ready to help YOU discover your Ancestry and unravel your Heritage.   


     The team at Family Tree Specialist has researched thousands of Families over the past 3 decades.  


Beautiful, Detailed Narrative e-Booklets 


are provided for each family - reports that make it easy to understand the lives of your ancestors.


     You will not just receive charts with Names, Dates and Places - 


No, - you will receive a Narrative Report describing everything that can be ascertained from the records found during our extensive & thorough research.



     In addition to being a Proud Member of APGEN (ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL GENEALOGISTS) she also has more than 35 years of experience and  has a Professional Genealogist Certificate from IAPCC.  


 She was also fortunate enough to work for several years at the World Renowned Repository of Genealogy - the Family History Center in Salt Lake City Utah.


     Sandra is well-noted for her ENTHUSIASM - making every client's Family Tree Project as important as her own.  She is consistently reviewed by her clients as being, "Just as Excited as They are" while working on their case.


     Sandra is open to sharing her Spiritual Beliefs about Genealogy and its importance.  She would love to speak about this with you today.  Call her NOW- (908) 414-1850 EST, 7- days.


     REMEMBER:  Our Loved Ones only truly die when we stop thinking, talking about, or remembering them.


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SAVE 25%

Through JUNE 2024 ONLY!


That's Only $39!

(regular $49)


Read Below to Learn:


affordable professional genealogist

Family Tree Research - Genealogy - can be 

Time Consuming,  

Frustrating  &  


Let Sandra  Alleviate  that  Stress.  

She will  Research & Report on YOUR Family Tree at a 

Fraction  of  the  Cost  &  Time

  it  would take  you to do  it  Yourself!

Read here to learn of her Extensive Experience, Read the Many SUCCESS STORIES and see all of her                             *5-Star Reviews on




and you will feel Confident working with Sandra!


Read Below to Learn



when you hire Sandra

genealogy ancestry heritage reports

She Was Just 16

Find Out YOUR Family's Story TODAY!

About Sandra & FTS

I'm Sandra Ashton, Professional Genealogist with more  than 35 years of experience in tracing Family Trees.


 I've been doing Genealogy since 1979. 


When I started my genealogical pursuits, I did it the old fashioned way - writing to historical societies and agencies for records. 


 Now of course, the internet has made researching easier

but it is still 


*very time consuming

and often confusing*

(not to mention Expensive!)


 if you are not an experienced genealogist.



As you will read in my Success Stories, I have a fairly

quick turn-around time and I have the




I do this because it is my passion - like a calling in life. 


Reach out to us TODAY(this will secure your  Family Tree

in our queue)


If you are asking yourself, 

"How can I find my Heritage?"  

Who can help me with my Family search - 

Stop asking and pick up the phone! 

 Call TODAY and Let's Get Started!



*It’s a lot Easier


(and Far Less Expensive)


than you may think!


1. Simply Call or email with your Family/Ancestors’ information.

2. Decide on the number of hours you would like your Family Researched.

3. An Invoice will be sent to your email address that can be paid by *Any Major Credit Card, *PayPal, *VENMO, *ZELLE or *Check/Money Order.

4. Allow from 4 – 8+ weeks for turn-around.

**Call at any time for updates.

5. You will receive a Beautiful, Detailed Narrative Report in an e-booklet format.




The lives of your Ancestors will be described to you with as much detail that can be found in the # of hours for which you have contracted.


*Birth Records

*Marriage Records

*Death Records



*News Articles


*Copies of all Certificates found and


- YES -


even occasionally -


**photographs of


their headstones,

their homes or farms

maps, etc.


I put 110% in to Your family as if it was my own.

***I want this to be a Success just as much as you do!***




I’m available to speak by phone 7-days a week, 10am-8pm EST.

This is my Passion and I’m happy to share it with you! 


SAVE 25%

Through JUNE 2024 ONLY!


That's Only $39!

(regular $49)


Read Below to Learn:


 - Contact us TODAY!



**We accept all Major Credit Cards, Checks/Money Orders, VENMO, Zelle, and PayPal.



Use this "CONTACT US" Form for any Questions or Comments.  

We'd love to hear from you.

 If you wish to be contacted back  by phone, be sure to leave TIME-ZONE and what times are

convenient to talk. 

 Feel free to please CALL us at (908) 414-1850 EST.  

Continue reading below for FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.  


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Don't Wait Another Day!


In the early years I traced my father's tree back several hundred years, to the mid 1600's when my 10th

great-grandfather left the Netherlands to make his new home in what is now Manhattan.

He owned the land that the Empire State Building now stands on.  


On my mother's side I learned that my 11th great grandfather left England in 1639 and

settled the New Haven Colony, holding many important government positions. 


On one branch I traced back to 1354 to my 18th Great Grandfather,

the last native Prince of Wales - Owain Glyndwr.  


After years of researching and collecting data I wrote two books - one on each parent's side. 

I would be happy to send you excerpts.


*Many of the Historical Photographs on this page are from my Own Family Tree.

Don't Wait - CALL NOW!

While there are numerous ancestry search sites where you can try to search yourself, they are expensive and can be very confusing.

 Doing your own research can be very 

*time consuming &


This is where we step in.

For a very reasonable rate I will gladly take on the task of finding your ancestors and putting the information in a format you can understand.


The two books I have written were not just names and dates. 

I was able to piece together history, giving my family a more accurate picture of our ancestors' roles in this world. 

It was through 

*thorough and diligent research* 

that I was able to do this - 

the same 

*thorough and diligent service*

 I will provide to you.

Referrals are always Proudly Provided.  

You can also read many of my success stories throughout this site.

Do you guarantee you will be able to find my ancestors?


**While I have had very many great successes, there is never a guarantee that your particular ancestors can be found.


Census takers sometimes missed people, courthouses were burned, and in some areas, records were just not kept.


I will do my best to find out what I can about your Family Tree. However, research into your Tree is based on hours worked and payment is due regardless.


You will find my rates extremely reasonable at just $49 per hour! (Excessive print-outs, copies, & postage are extra)



When a "Brick-wall" is hit, I recommend rather than stopping at it, to go around it! By following both paternal and maternal lines I have gotten back to ~1300's with some very colorful stories.


Please keep in mind:

Federal censuses are mostly reliable, depending on the knowledge of the informant and the care of the census enumerator.


Information may have been given to a census taker by *any member of the family or even by a neighbor.


Some information may have been incorrect or deliberately falsified. Some people may have lied for various reasons: To get married, to avoid or join the military, to make a baby legitimate, immigration status, vanity, etc.


It's not uncommon to see a woman shave a decade off her age from her 1st Census until her last.


Census takers missed people, misheard people and were just not thorough. This can present some challenges.


Ancestors could also prove difficult - In one census they may have used their given name, and in the next one used a nickname or a different spelling.


Take into consideration one situation from my Family Tree that kept me in knots for many years.


I had 3 ancestors "JAMES VOORHIS" (Grandfather, Father & Son) but I could not find them in the census records or practically any records! This perplexed me terribly.


Well, after several years I discovered that each of them went ONLY by their MIDDLE names.


I knew from family records they were all named James, but in census and even burial, they went by their middle names.


Sometimes information comes pouring out,

sometimes it's a drizzle

and sometimes it's a drought.


I cannot guarantee you that I will be able to provide you with a perfect pedigree chart or with dozens of ancestors, but I CAN Guarantee you that I will put my whole heart into YOUR Family so YOU can have the same feeling I get when I discover something about my Heritage.


I want this to be successful as much as you do. 


Genealogy is my Joy!



*What do these abbreviations/terms mean?


b. Born (give date/month/year, or just year or approximate year)

d. Died (same as above)

m. Married (same as above)

p. or pl. place (give city/county/state when you can)

F or FA Father

abt. About

a. around

circa. around/about (such as "he was born Circa 1900)

~ Approximately

Many More Children Followed

Learn About YOUR Family History



Many of Your Reviews say it is like having a Henry Louis Gates Jr Finding Your Roots experience - Why is that?

This is because I  put 110% effort into EVERY Client's Project so I can give them the Best Family History Experience possible.

I dig deep into every document and glean every fact possible.  The smallest detail makes such a difference in the way a client will get 'to know' their ancestors.

If your ancestor owned Real Estate in 1870 worth $2,400 and had a Personal Estate worth $600, what is that roughly equivalent to today? ~ and what did some of the basic, everyday items and food cost in 1870?


You will get a sense of your ancestor's place in the world in which he lived. 

An example from my own Family Tree:

During my many years of research I found that my 6X Great Grandfather was in the Revolutionary War.  I swelled with pride.  But because I dig deeply, I learned later that he was court-martialed for Mutiny.  A different kind of feeling came over me then.

But good or bad, this is my family story and I'm glad I know the details.  It's factual, not fictional.

I'm going to give to you every detail I can find that will make your ancestors 'come to life.'  I am NOT going to give you charts with just names and dates!

I'm getting this Family Tree done as a gift and need  it soon.  Can you help?


I always try to accommodate my clients and will work to complete your Family Tree as soon as possible.


 Let me know in the beginning that it is needed quickly

and I will adjust my schedule accordingly to help you out. Always include your phone number(s). 


ALSO: If your Tree can absolutely not be finished in

time for the gift, I do have a *Gift Certificate* 

 I can email or postal mail acknowledging that a Family

Tree is in progress. 


This can be made for any occasion. Contact me to see a sample.

I'm ready to start - What should I do? 

Great! You can call (908) 414-1850 EST or email me  at to begin this exciting journey.


I see that other genealogists charge $75-$200+ an hour.   Why are your rates So Low?


Genealogy is my passion. I’ve been doing this since

I was 12 years old. I have even written two books on

both my parents' lineages.


 It was the most fulfilling experience of my life.


I want to share that feeling with others by helping them discover their roots.


 I only charge enough to cover my time and expenses. There’s no huge profit here. I consider what I do a

service to others. It’s my calling in life. 





Don't wait another day!  Call Right Now to discuss your Family Tree Project.  I am happy to talk

to you.  


(908) 414-1850 EST

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