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Frequently Asked Questions

*How much do you charge for your service?

"Everyone knows genealogy can be expensive. Website subscriptions costing hundreds of dollars, DNA test costs, document fees, research road trips, supplies and photocopies are just a few items genealogists shell out their hard-earned cash for..."

It doesn't have to be when you go with FTS!

For less than the cost of subscribing to some of the Research sites, Sandra will research your Family History and provide you with a Beautiful, Detailed Narrative e-Booklet describing the lives of your ancestors!


We are currently running a 

                  Special OFFER -

SAVE  22% THRU NOV  2023                   (Regular Hourly Rate is $59 - NOW DISCOUNTED to             ONLY $45!)  


Even if you are just curious and want a Consultation, they are always free.

  Times are very difficult right now for many folks and  we will work with anyone experiencing financial trouble.  Discounts are available for certain circumstances. 

Call TODAY to discuss your situation. (908) 414-1850 10 am-8 pm EST  7 days      Email at


Find your Ancestors

A Simple Farm Girl Married Into the Big City

What Do You Know About YOUR Family? Let's Find Out TODAY!

Family Tree Specialist LLC knows how Important your  FAMILY HISTORY & ANCESTRY

are to You!

We also know that Subscribing to the *Many* Ancestry Research sites is

*Very Expensive

*Very Confusing &

*Very Time Consuming

Let us relieve you of that!

We will Research Your FAMILY TREE and provide you with a

*Beautiful & Detailed Narrative Report

*Back-Up Documentation

All at a

FRACTION of the Cost & Time it would take to do it Yourself.

Sandra Ashton, ~Professional Genealogist~ [with over 30+ Years of Experience] will use her

**Vast Amount of Resources

**Decades of Experience &

**Excellent Professional Skills

to provide You with the Family Tree you’ve longed for!

It’s Easier & *LESS Expensive* than you think.

Call 10am-8pm EST 7-Days

(908) 414-1850

And be sure to read All of Sandra’s *5-STAR Reviews on




*and on our Website

Call TODAY &

~~Take Advantage of Our Special of 25% Off our Regular Hourly Rate~~


**ACT NOW!***


***So How Does it Work?

1. Simply Call or email with your Family/Ancestors’ information.

2. Decide on the number of hours you would like your Family researched.

3. An Invoice will be sent to your email address that can be paid by *Any Major Credit Card, *PayPal, *VENMO, *ZELLE or *Check/Money Order.

4. Allow from 2 – 5+ weeks for turn-around.

Call at any time for updates.

5. You will receive a Beautiful, Detailed Narrative Report - in an e-booklet format - along with Pedigree Charts.


***What’s Included in my Report?

The lives of your Ancestors will be described to you - with as much detail that can be found –

in the # of hours for which you have contracted.

*Birth Records

*Marriage Records

*Death Records



*News Articles

*Obituaries & more…

Copies of all Certificates found and –

even occasionally


of ancestors,

 their headstones, 

 their homes or farms, etc.


I put 110% into Your family as if it was my own.

~~I want this to be a Success just as much as you do!

I’m available to speak by phone 7-days a week, 10am-8pm EST.

This is my Passion and I’m happy to share it with you!

(908) 414-1850 EST

Contact us TODAY & Save 25% off our Regular Hourly Rate!



Ancestry Research Service

*How to Hire a Professional Genealogist?

Look online or in repositories, such as Archives, Libraries or Historical Societies

*Why should I hire a Professional Genealogist

You can save a lot of stress, aggravation, and in some instances - MONEY!  When hiring a Professional at Family Tree Specialist, it can actually be LESS EXPENSIVE!  

Subscriptions to the research sites can cost well over $1,500 per year.   For less than that we can do the research and provide you with a ~Beautiful ~Detailed Narrative e-Booklet describing the lives of your ancestors!

In addition to saving money, you will save countless hours of your already-stretched-thin time when we are doing the research and writing the report -

 Go play with your children and grandchildren - 

Spend more time with your Spouse or friends...

*What is the Best way to research my Family History & find my Family Tree

The easiest way is to hire an affordable professional.

Otherwise, subscribing to the research sites allows you to do a lot of it from home.  Then there are places to send for records - Archives, Libraries, Historical Societies, etc.  

How much does it cost to hire a Professional Genealogist

Fees vary greatly depending on the Education and Level of Experience the Genealogist possesses.  They can range from 

$30 per hour to $200+ per hour.

The "Big Name" companies start around $1,500-$5,000.

Is there a way to research my Family Tree Genealogy for free?

What is the quickest way to get my Family Tree/Ancestry questions Answered

Reaching out to a Professional that gives free consultations can often yield good results.  Be sure to have the information necessary at the ready.  Also, be sure you are giving the genealogist the correct information.

What should I look for when hiring a Professional Genealogist

Is there a Free Genealogy app

Why is genealogy so expensive

Is it worth hiring a Professional Genealogist

Is there a cheaper alternative to ancestry

What is the best free Genealogy Website 

* I don’t know all of the information the form is requesting – now what?

Don’t worry about it! Fill in what you DO KNOW. If you know only very, very little, perhaps there is an older relative who can help fill in some blanks. Either way, we can - and almost ALWAYS do work with less information than what the form is asking.  We start with what we know and work backwards. 

*My Grandparents came from Italy in the early 1900's.  Can you help?

Unfortunately, if your family has only been here a couple of generations, we may not be able to help you very much.    I specialize in North America, and the UK.     I certainly will try though.  A woman hired me to search her grandfather who came from Lithuania around 1915.  I told her I probably couldn't do much for her, but would search for an hour or 2 and then refund the balance of her payment.  WELL, I was able to find her grandfather's ship papers, several Census records, Social Security  and other information.  I was able to piece together a story for her, her grandfather's date of immigration, description of his physical build, how he paid to get here, his occupations, his parents' names, income, obituary as well as a newspaper article about him speaking at a local school in the early 1950's.  It took about 4-5 hours and  we were both delighted!

*How much time until I get my Family Tree Package? - {see note below}

That depends on several issues:

* How much information I can find.  If I can go many generations back, it's going to take several weeks (I do my best to never go more than 4-5 weeks - I know how exciting it is!)  

On average it takes at least 3 weeks to come up with something. 

 (A client I recently worked with asked me to explore his paternal grandfather's line.  Information on his maternal grandmother's line was come across and suddenly he wanted that too.  What should have been a 6-8 hour job has now turned into a 12-15 hour job, but I was able to find   SO much on so many branches,, complete with lots of military, immigration, obituaries, and much more.  He's a very happy client! )

* My schedule.  If I have several clients submit their  paperwork around the same time, then I do it in the order it was received.  Which is why I say,CONTACT US *TODAY!*  Even if you know very little, we'll begin and you'll have secured your place in my schedule.

* I think I know where my great-grandfather came from, but am not 100% sure. Should I put it on the form?

YES! Put any information you are making an EDUCATED GUESS about and mark it with a “(G)” so I know it’s a good guess.  

He Owned a Hotel & Cigar Shop

What Did Your Ancestors Do? Let's Find Out!

* The Family Group Record looks daunting! HELP!!

It does request a lot of information, but you only fill in what YOU KNOW. Don’t be intimidated by it. I can

(and almost always do) work with less. If you can list the husband and wife, along with any of their children

and approximate birth years, that would be great. If you know more, wonderful! If you know less, just fill in what you can.


  If you are filling them in for your grandmother, do one with her as the Wife. 

 List your Grandfather (with their birth dates (or approximate years) with as much as you can of their children. 

Then fill one out, if possible, with her listed as a CHILD.  Enter what you can about her parents (names,

nicknames, maiden, approx. birth years, and any siblings you can think of,) 


 If if you know Grandma had a brother named "Ed,"  I can use that to search for an "Edward," an "Edmund," 

"Edgar" etc.  If she had a sister, "Polly,"  I know that often females called Polly were really "Mary." 


 If you know your father was born in 1930 but you have no idea on your grandparents' birth dates, we can

approximate them with an educated Guess (G).  If you know he was the oldest child, with couples marrying

near 20 years old and a baby often coming 2 years after the marriage, we do the math.  


As much information you can supply the easier/less time consuming for me - Less expensive for you! 

* What is the correct way to write in the dates?

The correct way is: for July 10, 1889, you would write: 10 Jul 1889. (day, month, year). Do NOT write the date with

all digits as 7/10/1889. Write the MONTH out.



*What do these abbreviations/terms mean?


b.              Born  (give date/month/year, or just year or approximate year)

d.              Died   (same as above)

m.             Married  (same as above)

p. or pl.    place (give city/county/state when you can)  

F or FA      Father

abt.           About

a.              around

circa.        around/about (such as "he was born Circa 1900)

~               Approximately



* What is the correct way to fill in a location?

When you know the complete location, it will look like this: 

Towanda, Bradford, PA (town/county/state). 

 If you are listing out of the US, include the country as well. 

 If you do not have the county, write it as: 


 (notice the second comma indicates a missing county. 

 If you do not know the town/city, write it in as: 

​,Bradford, PA. 

 The first of the comma indicates you do not know the town. If you only know the state, just list that.

The Older a Police Chief; The Younger Owned a Hardware Store

What Did Your Ancestors Do? Let's Find Out TODAY!

What kind of information will I typically receive with my Family Tree E-BOOKLET?

Typically you will receive copies of Birth  & Death Certificates/Registers, the Census records (Federal and State), Military information, Immigration information , Tax records, Wills, Probate, and any other relevant documents I can find. 

All of this will be in a Beautiful, Detailed Narrative e-Booklet you can print and read curled up on your favorite chair.


 In a few instances I have found pictures of ancestors, or of their houses/farms, gravestones, obituaries etc.

This is rare, but it does happen. I try to include information that will allow you to see what your ancestor's

life may have been like - 

Did he fight in any wars? 

 What were their occupations? 

 How were they doing financially? 


She Was Taught Well As A Child Then Went on to Teach

What Did Your Ancestors Do? Let's Begin The Journey TODAY!

* I already sent you my information but my great-aunt has just provided me with more details! What now?

Great! Contact me right away by phone at (908) 414-1850 or email at The sooner the better!

* I'm getting this Family Tree done as a gift for someone and need it soon! Can you help?

I always try to accommodate my clients and will work to complete your Family Tree as soon as possible. Let me know in

the beginning that it is needed quickly and I will adjust my schedule accordingly to help you out. Always include your phone

number(s). ALSO: If your Tree can absolutely not be finished in time for the gift, I do have a Certificate I can email or postal

mail acknowledging that a Family Tree is in progress. This can be made for any occasion. Click here to see a Birthday


* I’ve contacted other research services and genealogists and they charge between $100-$200+ per hour.    Why do you have such low rates?

Genealogy is my passion. I’ve been doing this since I was 12 years old. I have even written two books on both my parents'

lineages.  It was the most fulfilling experience of my life.


 I want to share that feeling with others by helping them discover their roots. I only charge enough to cover my time and

expenses. There’s no huge profit here. I consider what I do a service to others. It’s my calling in life.                                                                          *If you want to see excerpts from my books I will be thrilled to send you some.

* I'm ready to start! What should I do?

Great! You can call (908) 414-1850  or email me with any questions or jump right to the Let's Get Started Page and follow

the 4 Easy Steps. You can send the papers and payment right in, or you can call me to tell me they're on their way.

(This allows me to adjust my schedule) It's NOT complicated. Just fill in what you know.

I still have questions – what now?

PLEASE – call me at (908) 414-1850 10am-8pm E.S.T, 7 Days, or email me at I’d love to hear from you!

Do you guarantee you will be able to find my ancestors?


 **While I have had very many great successes, there is never a guarantee that your

particular ancestors can be found. 


 Census takers sometimes missed people, courthouses were burned, and in some areas,

records were just not kept. 


 I will do my best to find out what I can about your Family Tree. However, research into

your Tree is based on hours worked and payment is due regardless. You will find my rates

extremely reasonable at just $37 per hour! (Excessive print-outs, copies, & postage are



When a "Brick-wall" is hit, I recommend rather than stopping at it, to go around it! 

By following both paternal and maternal lines I have gotten back to ~1300's with some

very colorful stories. 


Please keep in mind:

Federal censuses are mostly reliable, depending on the knowledge of the informant and

the care of the census enumerator. Information may have been given to a census taker

by *any member of the family or even  by a neighbor. 


Some information may have been incorrect or deliberately falsified.  Some people may

have lied for various reasons:  To get married,  to avoid or join the military, to make a

baby legitimate, immigration status, vanity, etc.  It's not uncommon to see a woman

shave a decade off her age from her 1st Census until her last.


Census takers missed people, misheard people and were just not thorough.  This can present some


Ancestors could also prove difficult - In one census they may have used their given name, and in the next one used a nickname or a different spelling. 


Take into consideration one situation from my Family Tree that kept me in knots for many years. 

I had 3 ancestors "JAMES VOORHIS"  (Grandfather, Father & Son) but I could not find them in the census records or practically any records!  This perplexed me terribly.  Well, after several years I discovered that each of them went by their

MIDDLE names.  I knew from family records they were all named James, but in census and even burial,

they went by their middle names.  (you can see in the picture below I am next to one of their gravestones)  - "

Henry Voorhis" is all that is on his stone!


Sometimes information comes pouring out, 

sometimes it's a drizzle 

and sometimes it's a drought.  


I cannot guarantee you that I will be able to provide you with a perfect pedigree chart

or with dozens of ancestors, but I CAN guarantee you that I will put my whole heart into

YOUR Family so YOU can have the same feeling I get when I discover something about

my Heritage. 


 I want this to be successful as much as you do.  Genealogy is my Joy!

What You Need to know about Hiring a Professional Genealogist


How to Hire a Professional Genealogist

In addition to searching  online for a Professional Genealogist, you can contact Historical Societies and other

Repositories that hold genealogical records.


Why should I hire a Professional Genealogist

There are many reasons to hire a pro.  



How much is your time worth?  

Can you spend countless hours on the subscription sites?  


do you need the information more quickly (for a Family Reunion or Gift, etc.)



Yes, it CAN be LESS expensive to go with certain Professionals.  

At FTS we often run SPECIALS.  

If you catch us at 25% off, that is just $35/hour. 


Consider that you must subscribe to several of the research sites, it could cost $1,500-$2,000 per year for

Premium Memberships to them.  


While hiring FTS for  12 hours (average) it will cost just $420 and you will get your project in just weeks!   

MANY of my clients have told me they paid hefty subscription fees for  several years before coming to me and

saving a small fortune (not to mention their sanity) 



Everyone wants their Family Tree to be accurate.  But an inexperienced genealogy enthusiast is likely to make

errors.  One error early on will cause a disastrous effect on your Tree.  Everything from that branch on is

now incorrect.

A good professional knows their way around all the researching and reporting.  


What should I look for when hiring a Professional Genealogist

*Check their online REVIEWS

*How many years have they been doing Professional Research?  

If I needed to hire a pro I would look for someone having at least 10 years of experience.

*Are their clients satisfied with their final Product?

*Are they pleasant and easy to work with?

*Are they affordable?

*Your Family History Journey should be taken together.  Does he/she make you feel like you are part of

the process?


How much does it cost to hire a Professional Genealogist

While the Big Name companies start  at $2,500-$5,000, individual professionals such as Sandra at

FTS, can average about $60 (FTS) - over $200 per hour.  


**Remember - 


Cost does NOT necessarily equate with Quality.  


There are some professionals that charge $150 per hour and you can often get work equally

satisfactory for less than half that.


Is there a way to research my Family Tree Genealogy for free?

What is the quickest way to get my Family Tree/Ancestry questions Answered  

What is the Best way to research my Family History & find my Family Tree


Success Stories- More HERE.

"My father's sister started tracing our Family Tree a couple of years ago. She could not believe how expensive it was and

how much of her time it was taking. She abandoned the project after about 9 months - then we contacted you. I can't believe

how quick you found the information. 


 We very much appreciate your efforts and the fact that we now go back 6 generations on my paternal great grandmother

. Thanks for the documentation too. Even though it's hard to read, I appreciate having it. Your work was great and I am

happy to write this testimonial for you."

A.S. Linden, NJ

Black History Genealogy

African American Genealogy

"I couldn't believe it when you showed me how I descended from William Brewster of the MAYFLOWER! - My kids were so proud to tell their classmates and my oldest girl got extra credit in history for writing a report about him!" "I would refer any friend to use your service." E.K., Westfield


Please contact me NOW !

You are just a SHORT while away from knowing 


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